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9 Small Businesses That Generate the Most Hazardous Waste.

If you work with pesticides, solvents, cleaners and fuel oils you probably generate hazardous waste. If your small business is one of those listed below you need to have a plan to handle your hazardous waste. 1. Agriculture 2. Auto repair 3. Dry cleaning 4. Manufacturing 5. Painting 6. Pest control 7. Photo finishing 8. […]

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6 Best Management Practices to Prevent Storm Water Runoff Pollution.

The six Best Management Practices (BMP) for commercial locations to prevent Storm water runoff pollution are. 1) Do not wash oils, soaps and greases into streets or storm drains. Wash vehicles or equipment in wash bays hooked up to the sanitary sewer. 2) Fueling islands should have a canopy or cover over them. 3) Barrels […]

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10 Steps to Improve Traffic Safety Performance.

Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes has been developed by OSHA, NHTSA and NETS. The 10 steps to improve traffic safety performance are as follows: 1. Senior Management Commitment & Employee Involvement 2. Written Policies and Procedures 3. Driver Agreements 4. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Checks 5. Crash Reporting and Investigation 6. Vehicle […]

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