Why You May Want an Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat and How To Get a Good One

Do you have anti-fatigue floor mats at your workplace? If not, do you ever wish your employees had more energy? Well, aside from providing great gourmet coffee, providing anti-fatigue floor mats will make a great difference!

Why? Imagine! A floor mat that keeps you from getting tired even after hours of standing! It’s kind of obvious what the benefits could be, isn’t it. But how to you know what kind to get if you decide you want one for yourself.

anti-fatigue floor mat

Where are they generally used? They’re especially popular for hospitals, kitchens, and industrial floors. But there are many other workplaces that could benefit greatly from providing them for their employees, from stores to fast food restaurants. You could even put some around an office — maybe in front of the office xerox machine. People will wait in line to make copies…

Anti-fatigue floor mats promote employee wellness. And employees who feel good will have more energy and be in a better mood. Besides, fatigued workers are more accident-prone, so having energetic workers will go far towards preventing accidents. How can a simple mat do all that?

Well, first of all, those mats aren’t “simple” mats. They’re highly sophisticated variations of those regular old floor mats. And they help with all of the above by reducing spinal compression, increasing circulation, and especially reducing leg, foot, and ankle fatigue, along with back fatigue. And depending on where you’re using them, they can also reduce exposure to heat, cold, and vibration.

So what kind should you get?

They’re really not complicated to shop for actually. Just be sure to get a high quality one. Make sure they are user-friendly, which means, they shouldn’t weigh much and be easy to clean and take care of. They also should have non-slip features, which will improve workplace safety even more. And look for non-allergenic ones, which mostly means, they should be latex and silicone free.
So maybe anti-fatigue floor mats are not quite as cheap as your usual floor mat. But they do so much more. And considering that they’re created to be used in industrial settings, they”ll last for years and are not affected by commonly used bleaches, acids, and other chemicals.

And of course, always check for the NFSI seal of approval.

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