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Hand Wringers — The Key to Saving Money on Absorbents

Cleaning up oil spills can be messy. And not the least of it is a mass of oil drenched absorbents, for examples, absorbent pads, towels, rags, socks. What to do about them? You can’t really throw them in the trash but have to dispose of them properly, which means it’s going to cost you. But […]

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What is Hazardous Waste?

There are two ways that waste is determined to be hazardous waste. 1) What the federal and/or state regulations determine as hazardous is considered hazardous waste. These are specific chemicals that are listed by the agencies involved. 2) Secondly, materials that are designated as “Characteristic Hazardous Wastes” by having one or more of the following […]

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How the Clean Water Act affects all businesses, big and small.

The Clean Water Act, established by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is a must read and must know for every business owner. As a business owner it is your responsibility to make sure you follow the rules and regulations of the EPA Clean Water Act to keep our waters safe, and, according to the Clean […]

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EPA Releases Lean and Environment Toolkit

The EPA has released a Lean and Environment Toolkit. This easy to follow kit offers practical techniques and strategies that can help lean, environmental, and other specialists at the shopfloor deliver environmentally protective decisions as a routine task. It draws heavily from the experience of the EPA’s partners and organizations who have pioneered integrated approaches […]

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