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Chemical Storage Container Solutions

You know that storing a lot of chemicals at your facility can be a big fire hazard. So what are you doing about it? After all, the more chemicals you’re storing and working with, the more you’re at risk. But there’s something you can do make things a lot safer. Just pick the right chemical […]

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Spill Response Products — Essentials for Cleaning up Spills

Are you in charge of cleaning up spills? Then you know you need a good supply of spill response products. Read on to find out just what’s involved. There are actually two major categories of spill response products. Those that you can use to prevent the spill from spreading and doing more damage, and those […]

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Oil Sorbents — How to Clean Up Spills Almost Instantly

Oil spills are a fact of life — when you deal with oil on a regular basis. You can greatly reduce their number with preventive measures, but it’s really hard to eliminate them completely. So better be prepared with oil sorbents to clean them up as soon as they happen. But being prepared can be […]

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Chemical Storage Cabinet Solutions — Selecting the Right Cabinet

I’m sure you realize that chemicals stored in your facility can be quite a hazard if they leak, spill, or are exposed to fire. Fortunately, you can greatly increase the level of safety at your facility by simply storing your chemicals in a chemical storage cabinet. Of course, that’s in addition to making sure they […]

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Absorbent Mats — Perfect for Protecting Floors & Preventing Accidents

What happens when liquids spill on the floor?  They stain the floors, making them unsightly.  And they make them slippery, which can lead to accidents.  Fortunately, absorbent mats can easily take care of both of these problems. They will protect you from liability issues due to accidents, and they ensure that the facility looks neat […]

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Spill Pads — The Handy Way to Clean Up Spills

Spill Pads – Perfect for Cleaning Up Spills Spills can happen in many different places. So it’s hard to stock each of them with a spill kit, just in case. Yet what can you do to be prepared? Fortunately, spill pads can be the perfect solution. They’re easy to have handy since they don’t take […]

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Oil Containment Booms — A Key Containment and Clean-Up Tool in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Did you watch the news during the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Disaster? Then you’ve seen plenty of oil containment booms in action: They were the white floating booms lined up along shore lines to prevent the oil from contaminating the coast. The problem with oil spills, especially on water as was the case in […]

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Fatigue Matting — A Great Investment in Improved Productivity

Would you like to increase your employees productivity? There’s a surprisingly easy way to do just that: Install fatigue matting in your facility. How come this will help? Most people’s performance will go down when they’re tired. And standing for a long time on a hard concrete floor is one sure way to tire anyone […]

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Spill Containment Trays — Perfect for Keeping Small Spills Contained

Do you have a lab where lots of fluids are handled on a regular basis? You might want to look into spill containment trays. They make a perfect work surface. They’ll keep those little spills contained so they won’t drip off the table and ruin the floor. As you or your employees are doing a […]

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Oil Spill Prevention — Preparation is Key

What are you doing about oil spill prevention? It’s important to make sure to prevent oil spills if at all possible. And if it’s not possible, they should at least be cleaned up immediately after the fact. But prevention is better. And the best way to go about it is to make it difficult for […]

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