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Oil Absorbent Booms – Cleaning Up Oil Spills On Water

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill dominated the news for good reason. Oil spills in the open ocean or on other bodies of water spread quickly and can cause a huge amount of environmental damage. It’s crucial to contain spills quickly – and oil absorbent booms are a key tool that helps you do that. Oil […]

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Oil Spill Absorbents — Indispensable for Cleaning Up Oil Spills

Oil Spill Absorbents Oil spills require fast action! Cleaning the oil up as quickly as possible is essential in order to avoid bigger problems. Just what to do depends on the size and the location of the spill, of course. Either way, oil spill absorbents are the key ingredient to getting things cleaned up. Except… […]

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Oil Sorbent Pads Clean Up Anywhere Fast

Oil Sorbent Pads Oil Sorbent Pads – What’s the Scoop? What do you do when you have a minor oil spill? It may not be terribly dangerous, but it can be quite a hassle. Oil tends to be notoriously messy, and you don’t want an oil slick where people can slip and fall either. So […]

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Absorbents — Perfect for Cleaning Up Oil Spills Fast

Oil spills can cause a lot of problems. But with the right kinds of absorbents, you can clean them up fast, depending on size. So the first thing you need to do is determine how big of a spill you’re dealing with. And in most situations, you need to make sure to properly contain the […]

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Spill Response Products — Essentials for Cleaning up Spills

Are you in charge of cleaning up spills? Then you know you need a good supply of spill response products. Read on to find out just what’s involved. There are actually two major categories of spill response products. Those that you can use to prevent the spill from spreading and doing more damage, and those […]

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Oil Sorbents — How to Clean Up Spills Almost Instantly

Oil spills are a fact of life — when you deal with oil on a regular basis. You can greatly reduce their number with preventive measures, but it’s really hard to eliminate them completely. So better be prepared with oil sorbents to clean them up as soon as they happen. But being prepared can be […]

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Spill Pads — The Handy Way to Clean Up Spills

Spill Pads – Perfect for Cleaning Up Spills Spills can happen in many different places. So it’s hard to stock each of them with a spill kit, just in case. Yet what can you do to be prepared? Fortunately, spill pads can be the perfect solution. They’re easy to have handy since they don’t take […]

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Oil Spill Pads — Help You Be Prepared for Spills Anytime and Anywhere

If you’re storing oil, spills and leaks are just about unavoidable.  And of course, spills result in a big mess.  It’s a good thing that oil spill pads provide a handy solution to get them mopped up. You may think that oil spill kits are the perfect way to deal with spills. And that’s generally […]

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Sorbent Pads — Cleaning Up Spills on a Budget

Sorbent pads are great for cleaning up spills.   Read on to discover which type to get for which kinds of spills. In industrial settings, no matter how big or small, sorbent pads are essential.  They’re small, economical, and highly efficient.  Because of their small size, they are not only easy to store and to keep […]

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Spill Absorbents to Keep Your Facility Safe

Why bother with spill absorbents? A single spill in your facility can have severe consequences. First, there’s the danger of contamination and even a fire hazard. Then, there’s the danger of an accident. Countless people are injured every day due to seemingly simple slip and fall accidents. And those accidents can result in huge liability […]

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