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Keep Your Business Safe with a Quality Water Absorber

Even water or water-based liquids can be a safety hazard. They can also cause expensive damage to your business. In order to minimize or eliminate the damage, what you need is a quality water absorber to take care of the mess for you. Universal absorbent socks are a great investment for several reasons. They help […]

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Anti Fatigue Mats — A Great Business Investment

Are you wondering whether anti fatigue mats might help your business’s bottom line? If you look around, you’ll discover that many different types of businesses are benefitting from anti fatigue mats. And chances are, yours will too. This is because anti fatigue mats help increase productivity among your employees — because they’re simply more comfortable […]

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Acid Neutralizer — A Must-Have If You’re Dealing with Acids at your Facility

Are you dealing with acids at work? What if they spill? As you know, acid spills at work can damage surfaces and, even worse, cause environmental damage when the acid goes down the storm water drain or gets into other waterways with the rain. Unless we stop that from happening, that acid eventually could end […]

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Absorbent Booms – Absorb oil and much more

When you need to absorb oil, it is important to be able to do so quickly and effectively. This is so that the oil contamination is kept at a minimum and does not spread. The best way to achieve that is by quickly cleaning up the spilled contents. One of the most effective oil absorbent […]

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Hazmat Absorbents — The Perfect Choice for Cleaning Up Dangerous Spills

Hazardous material spills can be very dangerous and cleaning them up requires special equipment. The good news is that most absorbents are available in forms that make them ideal for cleaning up hazardous chemical spills. Whether in the form of spill kits, pillows or socks, they all are available in hazmat absorbents versions. Besides, that’s […]

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Absorbent Socks — How to Have a Less Messy Facility

If you are wondering how absorbent socks can help you, it is really quite simple. First of all, they can be used at the base of machines that tend to leak fluids. If you find you have to clean up a lot of messes because of leaky machines, then absorbent socks may well be the […]

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Oil-Only Pads – Perfect for Cleaning Up Oil Spills Easily and Economically

What’s the most economical tool to clean up oil spills? Well, depends on the size of course, but read on for the easiest and most economical of them all: oil-only pads. You can get them in two kinds: regular and high performance. Both of them are economical, and both can be had as pads or […]

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Oil Drip Pans — The Easy and Quick Solution for Oil Leaks

Oil Drip Pans — The Easy and Quick Solution for Oil Leaks Oil spills can be a mess. But with oil drip pans you have an easy and quick solution to keep the mess at a minimum — or prevent it altogether. You can bring them out and put them to work at a moment’s […]

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Diesel Containment — How to Make Diesel Spills Clean-Up Easier

There’s a lot of Diesel in the tank of an average truck. Imagine what could happen if there’s a leak or a spill! Fortunately, there’s an economic approach to http://www.absorbentsonline.com/spill-containment-spill-berms.htm Even better, it also makes clean-up a piece of cake (comparatively speaking anyway). I’m sure you’re a good boyscout — always be prepared. And since […]

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Drum Top Pads – Helping You Dispense Safely From Barrels and Drums

How can you dispense safely from drums and barrels? There are usually leaks and spills — unless you find a way to protect yourself. And drum top pads can solve that problem. So what do you do in general to prevent spills? Spill pallets are a great choice — they will prevent that the surface […]

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