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Absorbent Pillows — For Mopping Up Spills In Tight Spaces

How do you clean up spills in tight spaces? One easy and economical product that can help — absorbent pillows. Absorbent pillows do exactly what you’d expect from their name: they absorb liquids. Sure, you may already have absorbent pads, booms, mats or other absorbents. Maybe even a combination of them. But pillows offer something […]

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Oil Absorbents — How to Clean Up Oil Spills Quickly

Need to clean up an oil spill quickly? Here’s the key: Oil absorbents. They can come in many forms and sizes, but here we’ll talk about the most economical and easiest to use absorbents available. What do you do when you spill coffee? Grab a paper towel, right? And you also know that the higher […]

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X-TEX: New Material May Become Environmental Protection Super Star

Oil spills can cause huge environmental damage. But even more subtle polution, the kind that happens when storm water drains into the ground, especially near parking lots and other places with oil and other chemicals, can do major damage. That’s why X-TEX is so exciting! It’s going to be a major player in the environmental […]

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Selecting the right oil absorbent booms

Oil absorbent booms can be the perfect solution when there’s an oil spill. Especially, if that oil spill is in an area where the oil needs to be removed quickly. This could, for example, be the case if there’s an oil spill in a body of water. Whether you need to remove oil or other […]

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Oil Spill Cleanup Solutions For Boat Owners

Just one quart of oil can create an oil slick larger then two acres in diameter.  One gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel can contaminate a million gallons of water. You can see why it is important to contain petroleum products due to the negative effect they have on the marine environment. Marine pollution can […]

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