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Flammable Liquid Storage Solutions

A lot of the chemicals you have around your facility probably qualify as flammable liquids, and since they’re hazardous and can cause all sorts of trouble, you’ll need effective flammable liquid storage solutions. Fortunately, flammable liquid storage isn’t hard to come by. There’s a huge need for it, and the industrial safety industry provides the […]

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Safety Storage Cabinet Tips: Store Your Chemicals Safely

Here’s the biggest danger to your facility: Fire! And the biggest fire hazard? Chemicals you handle and store in your facility. But you don’t have to live dangerously, not if you know how to store your chemicals properly in the right kind of safety storage cabinet to keep them — and your facility — safe. […]

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Industrial Storage Cabinets – Which Cabinet Is Right for You?

How are you storing the chemicals in your facility? If you don’t keep them in an appropriate industrial storage cabinet, you may want to consider making a change. That’s because industrial storage cabinets are built for heavy duty use. And they will keep your chemicals safe in two ways. First, they protect them from outside […]

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Paint Storage Cabinets – Don’t Let Your Paints Become a Fire Hazard

Are you worried about your paints being a fire hazard? You should be. Here’s how to store them safely with the help of paint storage cabinets. Fortunately, they already come in containers that are designed to keep them relatively safe. But note that word “relatively.” It’s not good enough. As you know, most industrial fires […]

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Acid Cabinet Solutions

Acids are very dangerous, so you need to be sure to store them correctly. And that can be easier said than done since they have very special storage requirements. Fortunately, a special acid cabinet could be the solution, or at least part of it. That’s because traditional safety storage cabinets made of stainless steel just […]

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Chemical Storage Container Solutions

You know that storing a lot of chemicals at your facility can be a big fire hazard. So what are you doing about it? After all, the more chemicals you’re storing and working with, the more you’re at risk. But there’s something you can do make things a lot safer. Just pick the right chemical […]

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Chemical Storage Cabinet Solutions — Selecting the Right Cabinet

I’m sure you realize that chemicals stored in your facility can be quite a hazard if they leak, spill, or are exposed to fire. Fortunately, you can greatly increase the level of safety at your facility by simply storing your chemicals in a chemical storage cabinet. Of course, that’s in addition to making sure they […]

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Flammable Liquid Storage — A Key to Risk Management

Among the biggest threats to your facility are flammable liquids, especially if they are not stored properly. What it takes to minimize the danger is to get proper flammable liquid storage. So how do you choose the right equipment for storing your flammable liquids? To start with, the liquids should come in special containers that […]

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Flammable Storage Cabinets — Safe Storage for Your Flammable Chemicals

Are you storing paints, inks, acids, corrosives, or pesticides at your facility.  Those are all flammable. Fortunately, flammable storage cabinets will help keep them safe. There are different kinds of flammable liquids.  What they all have in common, however, is that they can be very hazardous to the fiscal health of your company. They can […]

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Fire Safety Cabinet Solutions

Are you storing chemicals in your business that could be potentially harmful? Maybe you need to store paints, inks, dyes, and other such chemicals. There might be even more hazardous materials within your business that you are storing away. The question, however, is how you are storing those materials? Are you storing them out in […]

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