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Flammable Storage Lockers – How to Keep Your Facility Safe

Do you handle flammable liquids?  You probably know that this is risky business…  Those liquids are a serious fire hazard, and they could even become potential fodder for turning a small fire into an explosion.  Fortunately, flammable storage lockers can help keep you, your employees, and your facility safe. While most flammable liquids are in […]

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How to Choose the Right Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

Are you looking for a way to keep your flammable liquids safe? If so, a flammable liquid storage cabinet will fit the bill. But how do you select the right one? There are so many choices that it helps to have a few guidelines… . . Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet Steel or poly? The first […]

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Chemical Storage Cabinets Keep Your Chemicals Safe

Ever wonder if you need chemical storage cabinets? If you handle and store chemicals in your company, the answer is yes. Sure, the chemicals come in their own containers. But that’s not enough. Those containers can leak and spill their contents. And those chemicals can pose a threat to your employees and your facility for […]

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Drum Storage Cabinets — Store Your Drums Safely

Drums seem sturdy enough. But that appearance is deceptive… They can leak and even spill. Since they usually contain dangerous liquids, such as oil, fuel, and other chemicals, a spill can cause a lot of problems. Read on to discover how drum storage cabinets can help. You may wish you could stop your drums from […]

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Store Your Flammable Liquids in Fire Safety Cabinets

If you must store flammable liquids in your facility, then you need fire safety cabinets to ensure that your liquids are protected well. It is a sad statistic that industrial fires are primarily caused by flammable liquids that are not stored properly. Improper storage can also lead to OSHA and EPA violations. Although the storage […]

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How to Make Your Paint Storage Cabinets NFPA and OSHA Compliant

When storing paints, inks, and chemicals in paint storage cabinets, it is important that you choose cabinets that are NFPA and OSHA compliant. This means that you have your chemicals stored in a way that is safe. And not just any kind of safe but safe enough to meet the stringent standards of NFPA and […]

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Industrial Cabinets — Helping to Keep Your Chemicals Organized, out of the Way, And Safe

Isn’t it a challenge sometimes to keep your supply of chemicals stashed away safely and neatly? Fortunately, industrial cabinets are the perfect way to accomplish that. It’s so important to keep your chemicals out of the way. If they’re underfoot, your employees might end up tripping over them, which could lead to damage, spills, leaks, […]

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Use Corrosive Storage Cabinets to Protect Your Environment and Yourself

Storing corrosives in your business can be rather dangerous. That’s because corrosives are very aggressive and have to be handled with care. If they aren’t, then leaks and spills can occur. And if leaks and spills occur, then you, your employees, the environment, and your facility can be harmed. But you can prevent problems simply […]

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A Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet to Store your Flammable Liquids Safely

Do you need to store flammable liquids? Those are extremely dangerous. So if you have them around your facility, you’ll need a flammable liquid storage cabinet. As you may know, the majority of industrial fires are caused by improper storage of just such flammable liquids. Since special safety storage cabinets can be bulky, you might […]

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How A Chemical Storage Cabinet Can Make You Feel Safer

Are you working around chemicals? If so, a chemical storage cabinet for each chemical you are working with will be an important way to keep your work environment safe. Now some may feel that it is enough to buy a simple cabinet to keep chemicals separate, but there are actually specific types of cabinets for […]

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