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OHSA Cold Weather Safety Guide.

Winter is just around the corner. Cold related illnesses can slowly overcome an individual who has been chilled by cold temperature, strong winds or wet clothing. You need to recognize the environmental and workplace conditions that can lead to cold-induced injuries and illnesses. Here are some basic ways to protect your workers. Proper clothing for cold, wet […]

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12 Forklift Drivers Safety Tips

Operating a forklift is an important job. The federal goverment requires that all lift truck operators be trained and authorized by their organizatons. OSHA federal regulation CFR1910.178 states that “Only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate a powered industrial truck.” It is a good idea to print these forklift saftey tips out […]

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10 Steps to Improve Traffic Safety Performance.

Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes has been developed by OSHA, NHTSA and NETS. The 10 steps to improve traffic safety performance are as follows: 1. Senior Management Commitment & Employee Involvement 2. Written Policies and Procedures 3. Driver Agreements 4. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Checks 5. Crash Reporting and Investigation 6. Vehicle […]

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