Safety Storage Cabinet Tips: Store Your Chemicals Safely

Here’s the biggest danger to your facility: Fire! And the biggest fire hazard? Chemicals you handle and store in your facility. But you don’t have to live dangerously, not if you know how to store your chemicals properly in the right kind of safety storage cabinet to keep them — and your facility — safe.

Why You MUST Have A Safety Storage Cabinet

You can’t avoid having those chemicals around. That’s a given. If you didn’t need them, you wouldn’t have them at your facility. So the next best thing is to store them in a safety storage cabinet.

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Or cabinets, as the case may be. The thing is that you may need more than one safety storage cabinet. In part because you may need to store certain chemicals in several places, or you have to store them in separate safety storage cabinets because they’re dangerous if they are stored together.

Then again, maybe it’s because you simply have too many chemicals to fit them all into one safety storage cabinet.

But the key to remember is that some chemicals cannot be stored together, and in addition, some chemicals require different cabinets.

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Why You May Need More Than One Safety Storage Cabinet

Your standard edition safety storage cabinet is made of stainless steel — very high quality stainless steel of course. But certain highly corrosive chemicals would eat right through that steel, so they’re actually more safely stored in high density poly cabinets.

Those HDPE cabinets are actually very similar to the stainless steel ones, from double walls to baffles and seals, and so on, all the way to safety colors and labels. They’re just made out of a different materials.

So which kind would you need? The rule of thumb is that highly corrosive chemicals go into a HDPE safety storage cabinet, and regular chemicals go into steel cabinets. If in doubt, check the features of the safety storage cabinet you’re considering and make sure that the chemicals you plan on storing in them aren’t on their “don’t” list.

Or you could consult with a reputable vendor. They’ll be glad to help and can let you know for sure whether or not your chemicals should be stored in a steel or a poly safety storage cabinet.

They can also advise you how to make sure that you’ll get a cabinet that will comply with OSHA, EPA and any other regulations.

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