Spill Absorbents to Keep Your Facility Safe

Why bother with spill absorbents? A single spill in your facility can have severe consequences. First, there’s the danger of contamination and even a fire hazard. Then, there’s the danger of an accident.

Countless people are injured every day due to seemingly simple slip and fall accidents. And those accidents can result in huge liability issues. This is one of the reasons why you want to make sure you do all you can to contain a spill as soon as possible. There are many more.

And size doesn’t matter. Whether a spill is as small as a few ounces or as large as several gallons, it can have consequences. So what to do? Mop it up.

spill absorbents


Fortunately, there are tools that make that easy. In fact, spill can help you clean up a spill as soon as it happens. Here are some of the different types of spill absorbents:

1) Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads can be placed around machinery that has the potential to leak or other areas with the potential to have leaks and spills.

2) Absorbent mats

Mats can also be placed around machinery, but can also be placed along walkways. If liquid substances are at risk of being spilled or dripped along walkways, a mat can absorb it instantly so that people won’t slip and fall.

3) Absorbent socks

Absorbent socks come in different types and forms so that various types of liquids, including hazardous ones, can be safely and quickly absorbed. Basic towels are not enough and not always safe enough, especially when cleaning up substances such as acids.

When you are able to quickly contain a spill, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of problems. You are also complying with EPA and federal regulations regarding the handling of hazardous liquids.

Finally, by having spill absorbents handy in all spill prone areas, you are keeping your work environment safe by ensuring that employees do not come in contact with hazardous materials, and neither will customers and others entering your facility.

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