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Absorbent Mats — Perfect for Protecting Floors & Preventing Accidents

What happens when liquids spill on the floor?  They stain the floors, making them unsightly.  And they make them slippery, which can lead to accidents.  Fortunately, absorbent mats can easily take care of both of these problems. They will protect you from liability issues due to accidents, and they ensure that the facility looks neat […]

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Industrial Mats — Keeping Your Facility Clean and Safe

Worried about slip and fall accidents? You have reason to be concerned… But you can drastically reduce their likelihood — just by using industrial mats around your facility. Industrial mats are a whole different category than those that you may find at the hardware store. They’re heavy duty and built to cope with much greater […]

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Spill Mats — To Protect Your Facility from Spills and Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Spills are a fact of life in any industrial facility (and in other places as well). Since they can be messy, they can cause your facility to look sloppy and unsightly. Floors that have splotches and blemishes just don’t look professional. But what’s worse is that spills can also cause those same floors to become […]

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The Absorbent Mat — For a Safer Facility & Cost Savings

Oil leaks can cost you money! They can make the floor slippery, a worker can slip and fall, and the next thing you know is that you have a Worker’s comp suit on your hands! Or they can just plain be unsightly. Either way, why not practice an ounce of prevention and use some oil […]

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How to Choose the Right Industrial Absorbent Floor Mats

How do you protect surfaces from spills as well as wear and tear? That’s the perfect job for industrial oil absorbent floor mats. What makes them different from regular floor mats? Since they are often subject to a much higher degree of wear and tear, for example from having equipment dragged over them, and from […]

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