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Save Money by Protecting your Bollards with Bollard Covers

Are your bollards looking a bit worse for wear? Although they are durable, harsh weather conditions if used outside and the normal wear and tear can take its toll. Bollards are made to be very sturdy in that they can withstand impact. You can anchor them to the ground or you can fill them with […]

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Industrial Safety Products — The Key to Keeping Your Facility and your Employees Safe

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, they do much more easily than we might like. Read on for ways in which you can keep your facility and your employees safe. If you want to prevent collisions between machinery and people or maybe the structural elements of your facility, there is an easy solution: Install some kind of […]

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Bollard Posts – Protecting Buildings, Equipment and Personnel the Low-Tech Way

Imagine a forklift backing into your building? That could cause quite a bit of damage, as can any type of heavy equipment. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent such damage by using bollard posts strategically. Now you may wonder… what the heck are bollard posts? They’re posts made out of hollow steel that you can simply […]

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