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Oil Spill Booms — Containing and Cleaning Up Oil Spills On Water

Oil spills on water can be an environmental disaster. It’s important to clean them up as thoroughly as possible — and as fast as possible. Fortunately, oil spill booms can help you do that. As with all big spills, the clean-up is a two-step process. And when it comes to oil spills on water, both […]

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Oil Spill Booms — The Tool of Choice for Cleaning Up Oil Spills on Water

Oil spills can cause big problems for the environment — as we’re just being reminded of by the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that turned out even bigger than the Valdez oil spill.  Fortunately, most oil spills aren’t that huge, and there are highly effective tools for containing and cleaning them up […]

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How to choose a Non-Absorbent Oil Spill Containment Boom:

If you handle or store any significant quantities of oil on or near water, you have to be prepared for emergencies.  And one of the best ways to be prepared is by keeping oil spill containment booms around.  But which kind should you get?  Read on for how to choose the right boom for various […]

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