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Oil Spill Containment Boom: Selecting the Right One.

How do you pick the right oil spill containment boom? It helps to fully understand what they do and how they work, and finally, where you plan to use them. Oil Spill Containment Boom An oil spill containment boom is designed to … contain oil spills, generally on water. When oil spills on water, it […]

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Oil Spill Containment Boom Lessons Learned from Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

We wish we could prevent any and all oil spills. Unfortunately, that’s wishful thinking. We can certainly reduce their likelihood and frequency, but most importantly, we must be prepared at all times, with oil spill containment boom and other equipment. After all, they can be devastating as we can see right now in the Gulf […]

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How to choose a Non-Absorbent Oil Spill Containment Boom:

If you handle or store any significant quantities of oil on or near water, you have to be prepared for emergencies.  And one of the best ways to be prepared is by keeping oil spill containment booms around.  But which kind should you get?  Read on for how to choose the right boom for various […]

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