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Oil Spill Absorbents — Indispensable for Cleaning Up Oil Spills

Oil Spill Absorbents Oil spills require fast action! Cleaning the oil up as quickly as possible is essential in order to avoid bigger problems. Just what to do depends on the size and the location of the spill, of course. Either way, oil spill absorbents are the key ingredient to getting things cleaned up. Except… […]

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Oil Spill Kits — How to Select the Right Spill Kit

Oil spills can cause a lot of damage, whether they are big or small.  So it’s important to have oil spill kits available to clean them up fast. Here’s how to select the right kit for your situation. Maybe it’s just a drum that toppled over or sprung a leak. Maybe it’s a tractor trailer […]

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Oil Spill Kits — Perfect for Oil Spills on Water or on Land

Will you have to handle an oil spill at some point? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to be prepared…  You’ll need  oil spill kits — or several. As you shop for oil spill kits, here are some of the things to consider:  size, portability, and even type of absorbent. 1)  Type of absorbent […]

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