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Spill Berms Can Protect Your Facility From Disaster

What are spill berms and do you really need them? Despite their funny name, spill berms are a crucial part of any safety maintenance program. And yes, you need them, at least as long as your job has anything to do with chemicals and liquids that can spill. And if you’re reading this, chances are […]

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Spill Berms — Deciding on the Right Spill Berms for Your Situation

Spill berms are the perfect way to contain spills since they are a fact of life. You’ve heard correctly. Read on to find out more about berms and how to pick the ones that will work for you. What Are Spill Berms? Here’s what they are: They’re basically a kind of bracket that contains spills […]

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Spill Containment Berm — Your Economical Spill Containment Solution

A spill containment berm is basically a container that is used for preventing spills from spreading. You can get them in a variety of forms. The most economical and popular ones are berms in L-bracket shape. You can get spill containment berms in various sizes, from a small berm for just two 55 ggallon drums […]

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