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Spill Kits – Life-Savers For Chemical Spills

Spills are unavoidable. No matter how careful you are, sooner or later, they’ll happen, especially if you’re in a facility that handles a lot of chemicals, oil-based or other kinds. But that doesn’t have to lead to big problems if you’re prepared. And the secret to preparation: spill kits. Spill Kits Spill kits are available […]

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Spill Response Kits: A Guide

Spill response kits are needed because spills are unpredictable. Yet you’ve got to be prepared, especially if you’re in charge of dangerous chemicals that might spill or leak. Fortunately, there are plenty of spill response kits available, so you should be able to find the right one(s) for your situation. How do you go about […]

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Spill Equipment — How To Choose The Right Equipment

Choosing the right equipment for a potential spill is not easy. You don’t know for sure how big the spill might be and where it could occur. Nonetheless, being prepared for any and all eventualities is your responsibility. Here’s some help with figuring out which types of spill equipment to get. If you don’t have […]

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Oil Spill Cleanup Guide – The Three Basic Steps You Need For Cleaning Up an Oil Spill Fast

What’s the easiest and fastest way to clean up an oil spill? There are three key steps you need to take to keep the damage contained and to eliminate the oil. And speed is of the essence because oil spills are dangerous. Not only can oil contaminate water and soil, but it’s flammable too. But […]

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Spill Control Kits — Picking the Right Kit for Your (Potential) Spill

Sooner or later, there’ll be a spill. And you need to be prepared. Of course that’s easier said than done since you never know exactly what will spill (unless there’s only one type of chemical you’re dealing with) and whether the spill will be big or small. Fortunately, there’s a spill control kit taylor-made for […]

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Chemical Spill Kits — Why You Need Them And Which One to Choose

Do you have to handle and maybe even transport chemicals? You may think you’re protected because you have spill berms and pallets at the ready. Do you really need a spill kit too? The answer is yes, of course. I’m sure you’ve learned that the hard way that accidents happen most often when you’re least […]

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Shopping for Truck Spill Kits

Do you really need a truck spill kit? If you are driving a truck, you do. After all, spills happen, and for truck drivers, they can mean big trouble, especially if they transport hazardous materials. Both DOT and EPA regulations require that you are prepared for such eventualities. And not only are spill kits the […]

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How to shop for Spill Kits

When you’re working with hazardous liquids and chemicals, you need to make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable: spills. Whether you’re storing your chemicals in your shop area or at your manufacturing plant, or whether you are transporting them, sooner or later, there is going to be a spill. It’s not a matter of whether, […]

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Spill Kit Tips for Your Business

To determine what type of spill kit you need, first make a list of the liquids used at your location. If you had a spill, would it be on land, water or could it be both? It would be a costly mistake not to have the proper spill kits on hand.  Custom spill kits are […]

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How the Clean Water Act affects all businesses, big and small.

The Clean Water Act, established by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is a must read and must know for every business owner. As a business owner it is your responsibility to make sure you follow the rules and regulations of the EPA Clean Water Act to keep our waters safe, and, according to the Clean […]

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