How to Keep Your 55 Gallon Drums Safe

Imagine what it would mean if the contents of one of your 55 gallon drums were to become contaminated? Those drums contain a lot of oil or chemicals, and you don’t want to risk having to throw them out because water or some other chemicals got into them.

As you can see, it’s important to protect your drums’ contents from contamination too, not just the environment from the chemicals they contain.

That the contents of those 55 gallon drums needs protection may be news to some people. After all, they look sturdy enough, and we generally are more concerned about danger that their contents may pose to the environment.

But here’s the deal:

A drum’s content is actually constantly at risk of becoming contaminated. Another liquid could spill onto the drum’s surface and seep into the drum, for example. That could happen in a number of ways, for example if someone uses the drum as a surface to dispense a liquid.

55 gallon drums


A spill like that could make the contents of the drum unusable. But what’s worse, depending on what it is that seeps into the drum, there could also be a dangerous chemical reaction, causing a fire or even an explosion.

And if drums are stored outdoors, rain or condensation could build up on top of the drums and leak inside, thereby, once again, contaminating the drum’s contents.

But those problems are easily prevented! All you need is a good quality drum cover. You can get very high quality drum covers from Eagle, for example. They make them to fit perfectly on top of 55 gallon drums, both closed head and open head versions. Best of all, they simply snap on — so “installation” is a breeze.:

The drum covers are dome shaped to prevent any puddling of liquids on top of them, and they’re molded to fit just about any 55 gallon drums. Since they’re made out of high density polyethylene, they’ll also last a long time.

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