8 Ergonomic Tips for Office Workers When Using A Computer.

Loew-Brenn Computer Lab

Here are some simple steps that you can take to help alleviate the pains, strains and long term medical problems that can develop over time by working on a computer on a daily basis. These ergonomic tips are easy to implement. By providing your employees with this information as well as the tools needed (wrist rests, foot rests and headsets) they can become more productive and save you on workers compensation costs. We suggest you have these tips printed up on a small card and place them at every computer station you have.

1) Adjust monitors so the area you spend the most looking at is straight ahead.
2) Hold forearms at a right angle to your body and parallel to the floor. Keep them close to your body.
3) Keep thighs parallel to the floor. Feet should be flat or on a footrest.
4) Try not to perform repetitive activities for too long.
5) Keep your mouse as close to you as possible.
6) Use wrist rests to support the palms and wrists.
7) Use overhead lights that give off soft and non-glaring illumination.
8) Use a telephone headset to eliminate strain caused by cradling a phone.

Creative Commons License photo credit: laffy4k

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