9 Electric Shock Safety Tips.

Every year in the United States over 400 workers are killed by electric shock.  Most of these deaths and injuries can be prevented with these nine electric shock safety tips.

  1. Inspect equipment cords and extension cords before each use. Every electrical cord should be treated as a live one.
  2. Never cut off the third prong of a plug. If plug doses not have three prongs or if the receptacle dose not have three openings make sure the equipment is grounded another way before use.
  3. Only qualified electricians should repair equipment or work on energized lines.
  4. Take out of service faulty equipment or plugs with bent or missing prongs
  5. Do not disconnect electrical cords by pulling on them.
  6. If smell of hot or burning plastic, smoke, sparks or flickering of lights is noticed, turn off the power immediately and report it.
  7. If a slight shock or tingling is felt turn off the power immediately and report it.
  8. To insure the circuit cannot be turned on when you are working on it, be sure to turn off, lock out and tag the electrical panel.
  9. Get training in first aid and cardio-pulmonary response (CPR) if you regularly work on or around electrical equipment.

Electric current can cause these types of  injuries if it does not kill you:

* Cardiac arrest (heart attack) because of  the  electrical effect on the heart.
* Nerve, muscle and tissue damage as a result of the  current passing through the body.
* Another result from direct contact with an electrical source are thermal burns.

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