Absorbent Booms – Absorb oil and much more

When you need to absorb oil, it is important to be able to do so quickly and effectively. This is so that the oil contamination is kept at a minimum and does not spread. The best way to achieve that is by quickly cleaning up the spilled contents.

absorbent booms

One of the most effective oil absorbent booms is the Oil Containment Boom. It contains a strong mesh outer sleeve that has a poly sock skin encased within it that is filled with polypropylene. The filler won’t shed and the booms will not sink when saturated with oil.

Durability is ensured with a nylon rope and easy retrieval. The booms can also be linked together by clips using a carbon steel connector. This makes soaking up oil much easier.

Another one of the effective absorbent booms is the Chemical Hazmat Boom. These are booms that are constructed with a strong outer polypropylene mesh. Steel hardware and a nylon rope ensure effortless retrieval with extreme durability.

As for what you can use these absorbent booms for… You can use them on land to control spills that are large in volume. They’re highly effective in absorbing water-based fluids as well as diesel, oil, gas, coolants, hydraulic fluids, cutting fluids turpentine, acetone, vegetable oil, hexane, MEL, trichloroethylene, and much more. However, it is important to note that these booms will not float on water.

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