Absorbent Mats — Perfect for Protecting Floors & Preventing Accidents

What happens when liquids spill on the floor?  They stain the floors, making them unsightly.  And they make them slippery, which can lead to accidents.  Fortunately, absorbent mats can easily take care of both of these problems.

They will protect you from liability issues due to accidents, and they ensure that the facility looks neat and clean.

It’s really a no-brainer.  First, by placing absorbent mats on the floor, you make sure that the floors won’t get worn out from lots of foot and other type of traffic.

There won’t be scratches and blemishes — nor will there be ugly stains due to spills of various kinds.  And those stains can be hard — or even impossible — to remove.

But if you simply place a mat on the floor, it will absorb all the impact and any errant liquids.  No more blemishes to worry about.  And if the mat gets dirty — you can just clean it. Once it’s too worn to be cleaned, it’s easy enough to replace, and far cheaper than refinishing the floor.

But ugly stains may well be the least of your problems.  The thing is that when liquids are spilled on the floor, the floor becomes very slippery — and people can slip and fall.

Then what?  Workers comp cases and liability suits are costly and no fun at all.  So why not prevent such problems, especially if it’s so easy.

absorbent mats


But what kind of mats should you get?  How about the Rag Rug Industrial Absorbent Floor Mat.  It’s made out of high quality polypropylene as well as acrylic fibers for extra durability.  These mats will stand up to a lot of use and abuse.

Of course there are even sturdier mats available such as railroad track mats and forklift mats for places where you need extra durability.  For example, you can use absorbent mats not just in hallways and walkways but also under machinery, and that’s what those extra sturdy mats are perfect for.

There’s also the Abzorb Mat, which is the toughest and most durable mat of all.  It has a completely un-penetrable backing, and is one of the most skid-proof mats around.

So keep your facility safe and neat by placing absorbent mats wherever you need to protect floors from marring stains, and protect your employees from slip and fall accidents too.

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