Absorbent Pillows — For Mopping Up Spills In Tight Spaces

How do you clean up spills in tight spaces? One easy and economical product that can help — absorbent pillows.

Absorbent pillows do exactly what you’d expect from their name: they absorb liquids. Sure, you may already have absorbent pads, booms, mats or other absorbents. Maybe even a combination of them. But pillows offer something they don’t: They’re a neat small package — small enough to get into tight spaces — under the radiator, into a sump well, and more, where they can absorb impressive amounts of whatever fluid that may have gotten there by way of a leak or a spill. And then — get this — you can wring them out and put them back to use.

As most other absorbent products, they come in three major varieties and are color coded for the substances they’re designed to clean up: Universal (grey), Oil Only (white), and Hazmat (yellow).

Oil only absorbent pillows

Oil Only

Do you need to deal with oil spills? Oil only absorbent pillows are an excellent choice for you. Examples of places they’re perfect for are coolant tanks, waste troughs, fluid reservoirs, sump wells, and other tight spaces.

Not only do they specialize in oil absorption, they ONLY absorb oil and other hydrocarbon fluids, while repelling water. So you can even use them for cleaning oil off a watery surface.

hazmat absorbent pillows


Those are the ones to choose when you’re dealing with hazardous chemicals or chemicals you don’t know. Absorbent pillows of the hazmat variety can absorb just about any liquids, even aggressive fluids, including hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, and more.

Of course, you should make sure you’re purchasing your absorbent pillows from a reputable source. Especially when it comes to hazmat, you don’t want to take any chances.


If you have a variety of liquids, but none of them call for hazmat, you may want to pick the universal absorbent pillows.

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They’re made to absorb all kinds of fluids, including water, oil, and chemicals. Once again, they’re also very economical since they can simply be wrung out — maybe into an overpack drum — and then be reused. Talk about environmentally responsible! Not only do they help you clean up the environment, absorbent pillows also are reusable themselves.

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