Absorbent Socks — How to Have a Less Messy Facility

If you are wondering how absorbent socks can help you, it is really quite simple. First of all, they can be used at the base of machines that tend to leak fluids. If you find you have to clean up a lot of messes because of leaky machines, then absorbent socks may well be the solution that you’re looking for.

absorbent socks

However, no two absorbent socks are created equal so be sure to choose the right kind. As with all other absorbents, there are different types that are made to absorb different liquids. Here are some of the absorbent sock types that you can choose from:

1) General absorbent spill socks for most liquids
2) Oil absorbent socks for oil based liquids
3) Hazmat spill socks for oil, water, and aggressive fluids,
4) Corn cob universal absorbent socks for oil and water based liquids

Each kind has their own specialty, which is great when you want to focus on a particular spill and want to be able to clean it up in the best way possible.

You can also avoid many messes from occurring by using those handy absorbent socks. Not only can you place them around the bottom of machinery, but if you are working in areas where spills of any kind could be hazardous, you can place absorbent socks in those areas as well as a precaution.

Absorbent socks also have another feature that makes them especially economical — you can wring them out and remove the oil or whatever liquid (unless it’s a hazardous liquid) and reuse the socks to mop up more.

In short, absorbent socks will help you save a lot of money, avoid injuries, and simply feel safer in your work environment.

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