Acid Cabinet Solutions

Acids are very dangerous, so you need to be sure to store them correctly. And that can be easier said than done since they have very special storage requirements. Fortunately, a special acid cabinet could be the solution, or at least part of it.

That’s because traditional safety storage cabinets made of stainless steel just won’t do when it comes to storing acids. Acids eat right through any kind of metallic cabinet. But that’s just the beginning.

Whether you have sulfuric, hydrochloric, or nitric acids at your facility, you know that you need to store them safely. They are all extremely hazardous, and their fumes are highly toxic. And here’s the clincher: you cannot store certain acids together or you put your facility at great risk.

And since safety cabinets made out of metal won’t be the solution, what should you get instead?

In a nutshell, you need high density polyethylene acid storage cabinets that are especially designed for storing acids. By default, they will also include all the usual safety features.

acid cabinet


Of course you should insist on high quality acid cabinets, which are outstanding in resisting acid vapors and, of course, acid spills.

You can get them in various sizes to ensure you find an acid cabinet that suits your situation. From small 4 gallon models that will fit on a desk or a shelf all the way to under counter and full size cabinets, you should be able to find the right one to store all the acids you have at your facility… though not necessarily all in one cabinet.

As you may or may not know, you shouldn’t store nitric acids and sulfuric acids together. If you have a full-size cabinet, you can use the top level for one kind and the bottom level for the other since each level is completely self-contained and separated from the other. Otherwise, you need to get separate acid cabinets to keep them apart.

To ensure you get the appropriate acid cabinet, be sure to stick with reputable vendors, who will help you select the exact cabinet that’s right for you. You can also rest assured that an acid cabinet they recommend will meet the required OSHA and other safety standards.

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