Acid Neutralizer — A Must-Have If You’re Dealing with Acids at your Facility

Are you dealing with acids at work? What if they spill?

As you know, acid spills at work can damage surfaces and, even worse, cause environmental damage when the acid goes down the storm water drain or gets into other waterways with the rain. Unless we stop that from happening, that acid eventually could end up in our food or water.

Acid spills are also dangerous to your employees. especially the person trying to clean it up.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution! Damaging as acids may be, they can be made much less so by acid neutralizers. All you have to do is add acid neutralizer to an acid spill, and it will, well, neutralize the acid, as the name says.

acid neutralizer

Depending on your preferences and how often you deal with acid spills, you can get neutralizers in powder or liquid form, and in sealed cartons or 5 gallon buckets.

The cartons are especially handy when you have to travel and need to keep them around for small emergencies at various work sites.

As you shop for your acid neutralizer, you may also want to make sure you get a brand that tells you when the job is done, by changing color for example.

Here’s one thing to watch out for — not every acid neutralizer works for every acid. Some of them, for example, do not work for hydrochloric acid. So make sure when you shop that you get one that handles the kinds of acid that you have at your facility. And make sure it’s EPA approved too.

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