Battery Spill Containment Tips

Batteries seem to be everywhere, and we don’t think of them as all that dangerous. Yet they can cause great damage if they leak or spill and the spill is not contained. That’s because the acid inside them is highly corrosive. Obviously, proper battery spill containment is essential.

And in industrial facilities, where batteries tend towards the large and extra large varieties, such containment is even more important. Just think about the batteries you might have in a forklift or a crane, for example.

And since the size of the problem increases with the size of the battery, it is crucial for you to know how to protect yourself, your employees and/or colleagues, and your facility from any damage they might cause if they should spill or leak.

battery spill containment

Luckily, it’s not hard to find a solution. You just need the right kind of battery spill containment kit. And these kits conveniently come with liquid or dry acid neutralizers, which can make quick work of the most noxious acids.

The kits also usually contain everything else you could possibly need. Not only do they have the required neutralizers, either liquid or dry, or both kinds. They also have protective equipment for the workers who have to clean up the spill, and the equipment they’ll need to do their job.

That clean-up equipment will typically include a scoop and a hand broom as well as a disposal bag. Any high quality kit will also contain gloves, a poly apron, and safety goggles to protect the clean-up crew.

There’s no need to take a chance when it comes to the safety of your employees. All you need to do is to get the right kind of — and to keep it handy too.

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