Chemical Cabinets – Reliable Protection From Dangerous Chemical Corrosives

What do you do about storing dangerous chemical corrosives — safely? You need to keep them around, but you may be worried that they pose a danger to your facility and your employees. And you’re right to be concerned.

Let’s hope you don’t just have them sitting around the plant in great big drums. That’s because corrosive chemicals require special handling and precautions.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Chemical cabinets are the perfect solution. They protect your facility and your employees from the corrosive chemicals you might be storing or handling there.

chemical cabinets

What makes them so effective? They are specially designed to keep your corrosive chemicals safe. They’re generally sold as corrosive storage cabinets or chemical storage cabinets.

When you shop for chemical cabinets, make sure that they meet OSHA requirements. Part of that will be quality construction. 18-gauge steel construction is a gold standard that you should insist on.

Of course, the doors, the sides, the top and the bottom should all be double walled with 1 1/2″ air space between the walls.

High gloss powder finish is another sign of high quality. Not only does it make them highly visible, but it also makes cleaning easy. In addition, it also means extra protection in case there is a spill or a splash. Don’t forget to check for warning labels and grounding attachments. They also must have leak-proof 2″ high door seals.

Very important: Please note that steel cabinets are not suitable for sulfuric, hydrochloric or nitric acids. You will need chemical cabinets made out of high density polyethylene to store those types of chemicals.

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