How to Choose the Right Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

Are you looking for a way to keep your flammable liquids safe? If so, a flammable liquid storage cabinet will fit the bill. But how do you select the right one? There are so many choices that it helps to have a few guidelines…

flammable liquid storage cabinet


Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

Steel or poly?

The first decision must be whether you need to get a steel cabinet or one made out of polyethylene. Generally, stell cabinets seem the logical choice. However, if you’re storing aggressive acids or pesticides, you’ll need a polyethylene cabinet because those chemicals will eat right through a steel cabinet.

The right size

How many chemicals do you need to store, and how much of each? Depending on your answer, you may need just a small flammable liquid storage cabinet or a very large one. Or maybe even several large ones…

The right type

You also need to decide which type of flammable liquid storage cabinet you need. Do you want just a basic flammable liquid storage cabinet, which comes in a range of sizes and models? And if so, do you want a regular floor, tower, stackable, wall mount or an under the counter model?

Or maybe you want a special cabinet for paint and ink, or one for acids and corrosive chemicals. If you want one for acids, corrosive chemicals or pesticides, you’ll need to select a poly cabinet.

Features to look for

Your cabinet should also have all the right safety features, from double walls and doors to adjustable shelves. They should also have corrosion resistant coating, warning labels, and sufficient sump capacity to prevent leaking, among other things.

The seal of approval

Finally, be sure to get them from a reputable vendor of safety equipment. They’ll be able to help you select just the right cabinet for your needs, plus you can be sure that your new flammable liquid storage cabinet will meet all the necessary specifications and requirements to keep you on the good side of OSHA and Co.

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