How to Choose the Right Industrial Absorbent Floor Mats

How do you protect surfaces from spills as well as wear and tear? That’s the perfect job for industrial oil absorbent floor mats. What makes them different from regular floor mats?

Since they are often subject to a much higher degree of wear and tear, for example from having equipment dragged over them, and from lots of foot traffic, they need to be a lot more rugged than the regular kind. They also must be able to absorb liquid from spills. In fact, depending on what liquids are likely to spill, you need to select the appropriate mat.

oil absorbent floor mats

The “generic” industrial absorbent floor matwill absorb solvents, oil, coolants, and even water, which ensures that your walkways are safe. You can also use it under machinery. These types of mats are usually made for durability, and generally consist of polypropylene and acrylic fibers.

Depending on your requirements, there are also a range of specialized mats. You can, for example, get rail road containment mats, forklift mats, and mats with enhanced durability that are designed to be used for the most challenging environments.

Forklift mats are especially designed to be used under forklifts to protect the concrete surface. They’re ultra durable so they can withstand the wear and tear of having a forklift drive over them, and they are also able to absorb any oil and other leaking fluids, including battery acids. An important safety feature they have is non-penetrable backing, and they also should have a non-skid surface.

Probably the sturdiest mats of all are railroad containment track mats. These are specialty mats originally designed for being used on rail road tracks, although they have found many other uses. They’re the thickest and heaviest absorbent mats available. While they will absorb fuel and various oils, they will repel water. Here’s a special feature they have: they are surrounded by a barrier film that prevents the liquids that have already been absorbed from leaking out again.

And as mentioned above, they have found uses in many areas: Whenever there’s a need for an extremely heavy duty absorbent barrier. these mats come in handy. For example, you can find them in places like refineries, steel mills and various transportation companies.

So how do you choose the right mat? Look at what you plan to use it for, and then simply get the industrial strength oil absorbent floor matwith the degree of sturdiness and the kind of absorbency that best meets your needs.

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