How to Choose a Pesticide Storage Cabinet

Do you need to store pesticides on the premises? You probably do, especially if you’re in the lawn care or agricultural business. Maybe you’re in charge of keeping a golf course dandelion free. If so, you probably store significant amounts of pesticides and other poisons around your shop.

So how do you make sure they’re safely stashed away yet accessible when you need them? By keeping them in safety storage cabinets especially designed for pesticides. And here’s how you can find the right kind of pesticide storage cabinet for your needs:

For starters, be sure to get cabinets that are specifically made for the storage of pesticides.

pesticides safety cabinet

And when you shop for a pesticide cabinet , go with a reputable source or brand. Whether you choose a steel cabinet or a poly cabinet, stick with ones that are extremely sturdy and securely lockable.

Here are a few features to focus on as you assess whether the cabinet you’re considering is the right one: Look for 18 gauge steel, extra safety features including double walls with an inch and a half of air space between walls, when you shop for steel cabinets. There should also be vents.

Also look for poly shelves and bottom trays for providing extra corrosion protection and containing small spills. While a high gloss powder finish makes cleaning easy, it’s not absolutely required — but it’s still a nice thing to have. On the other hand, you must make that sure they meet OSHA requirements and NFPA Code 30.

Of course, you also have the option of choosing poly cabinets. In fact, some chemicals are highly corrosive and can eat away at steel cabinets, so if the types of chemicals you plan to store include any of those, a poly cabinet would be the way to go.

High quality poly cabinets are made out of high density polyethylene, they can be securely locked, and they have vents with caps as well as adjustable shelves. And don’t forget to check a chemical resistance guide for high density polyethylene.

As long as you focus on high quality, you can be assured you’re getting a pesticide storage cabinet that will meet your need, whether you go with steel or poly version. They’re all designed to keep pesticides, insecticides, and other poisons handy for use, while protecting your employees — and you.

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