Column Protector Tips — More Than Just Eye Candy

Why would you need a column protector? Columns are plenty sturdy, aren’t they? Well, yes, but they also get a lot of abuse, and while they may not crumble, they do get rather unsightly very quickly as they suffer chips and scratches.

After all, their purpose is to protect equipment, structures, and employees from machinery and vehicles. The idea is that vehicles and the occasional forklift collide with columns instead of with people. But the columns do get affected by that continued abuse.

However, here’s where column protectors come in handy. Imagine you had a run-in with a column. If the column had been equipped with a column protector, there wouldn’t have been much damage to your car — or the column.

In fact, if you have ever backed into a column and needed major car repairs, you will appreciate what a column protector could have done to prevent the damage.

Here’s how a column protector can help:

Columns and beams can be hard to see sometimes, especially against the backdrop of the average industrial facility. This means that vehicles of all kinds, including trucks and forklifts frequently bump into them.

Column protectors, in turn, employ the bumper car principle by providing cushioning — of course that will be industrial-strength cushioning. And so collisions won’t cause much if any damage.

How do they do that? A good quality column protector is made out of 100% high density polyethylene, which is a surprisingly sturdy material. Eagle brand column protectors, for example, will be able to handle the impact of an 8500 pounds vehicle traveling at 7 miles per hour.

This is plenty of shock-absorbing power and will meet the needs of most any industrial setting.

And not just that, but because of its bright color, the average column protector is also highly visible. This will reduce the number of collisions that happen in the first place.

Even better — they last almost forever, or at least far longer than a column that has frequent run-ins with a forklift. And if you do have to replace one after a few years, it’s a piece of cake — just wrap the column protector around your column and you’ll be all set for another few years.

This will make your facility safer, and you’ll save money too. You won’t have to repair or repaint your columns, and any potential damage to vehicles and machinery is also greatly reduced. You might even enjoy the added cheer that the bright color of your column protector will bring to your facility.

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