Column Protectors — Easy and Economical Protection for Your Facility

Should you invest in column protectors? If you want to protect your property for a very low investment, the answer is probably yes.

And even better, column protectors can do more than just protect columns and beams from bumps and scrapes. Your personnel and your equipment will be safer as well, along with your entire facility.

Pretty impressive how something as simple as column protectors can do all that, isn’t it?

column protectors


You know that columns are usually painted the same color as the rest of the facility, and mostly it’s grey on grey. That makes columns and beams hard to see. No wonder that forklifts bump into them.

Luckily, that’s easy to change with a few simple column protectors. They are brightly colored, so they’ll make your columns and beams stand out. And they even protect them if a vehicle bumps into them after all.

As a result, your columns and beams will last longer and you won’t need to repair and repaint them all the time.

And here’s a big bonus: As they reduce the number of bumps and scrapes, they protect not just the columns, but also forklifts, carts, and other mobile machinery that would have suffered dents and scratches from those encounters with columns and pillars.

But wait! There’s more! Your employees who operate forklifts, carts, and so on will also be protected. They won’t be jostled about anymore from bumping into pillars and such. That might even safe you from liability problems.

And yes, you can get all that for the modest investment of a few inexpensive column protectors…

Not only are they rather inexpensive, especially considering the money they can save you, but they also are very easy to install. They come in two halves and simply attach with straps.

Here’s the secret to their effectiveness: They’re made out of 100% high density polyethylene, which makes them able to handle quite a bit of impact, all the way to an encounter with a vehicle of 8500 pounds that’s traveling at 7 miles per hour.

Even better — column protectors are really easy to install — just strap them onto your columns and they’re ready to go. And considering the work they do for the money, they’re really a no-brainer investment!

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