Column Protectors — An Easy Solution to an Expensive Problem

Are you sick and tired of having your forklift drivers damage your support beams and columns? And they’re not the only ones who are bumping into things around your facility. Can’t they look where they’re going?

Well, it’s not always easy. It’s hard enough to maneuver heavy machinery as is. And to do so in tight spaces filled with “targets” can be even tougher. There are columns, pipes, tubing and support beams, and they’re all in the way.

And what makes it even harder is the fact that usually columns and beams are painted in the same drab color as the interior walls, so it’s hard to see them.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard. And column protectors are the solution.

bollard protectors

1) They are easy to see

Column protectors are easy to see as they come in bright colors. In fact, they’re like an entire citrus fruit basket when it comes to color choices: Lemon, Lime Green, and Orange, and that makes them and the columns really stand out.

You’ll probably notice the difference right away — drivers won’t bump into things as much anymore.

2) They provide extra protection

If a driver should still bump into one of your columns after all, there won’t be any damage (provided they didn’t go too fast). That’s because the column protectors provide excellent cushioning. They consist of high density polyethylene and can absorb a great deal of impact. In fact, they can withstand an impact of up to 8500 pounds when they are hit at a speed of up to 7 miles per hour.

3) They’re easy to install

You can install them in minutes. They are delivered in two parts, which can simply be affixed to columns and the attached with straps. You can even stack them two high so that even taller vehicles won’t be able to damage your columns.

4) They pay for themselves

Since they protect your property from damage, and you from liability issues, they literally pay for themselves in no time at all. And they’re even very affordable to start with.

5) They’re versatile

They fit round as well as square support columns and beams. And, of course, they can be stacked for protecting the columns from taller vehicles. And with their easy installation, column protectors are an easy way to make your facility a whole lot safer — and safe money to boot.

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