The Best Containment Berm for Your Situation

If you’re dealing with hazardous liquids, you know you’ll have to be prepared for a spill at a moment’s notice. And here’s something that can help you with that: a containment berm — or several. Why berms? And which ones are best for you?

First about the reason why you should consider a containment berm or several: Containment berms are among the most economical tools for containing spills. Not only are they reasonably priced but they can also be reused over and over again.

And here’s another reason why they can save you money — sometimes a LOT of money: They can contain the spill in a small area, which makes cleanup much easier and less expensive. This also helps protect the environment.

Which one should you get? That depends on what your situation is.

portable containment berm

You can get them in just about any size you may want. Get as little or as much berm as you want — there’s no need to pay for more than you actually. require. You can also get containment berm you can combine into spill dikes of any size.

If you just have a small drum of oil, you need just a small berm or two. The nice thing is that they’re also lightweight and not too bulky, so you can keep them near the area where you might need them.

Then again, you may need one big enough to cope with spills from a tanker truck.

If you’re concerned about cost, you might want to consider L-bracket berns. They come in lots of sizes and do need some assembly (but it’s easy and there are easy-follow instructions).

Most berms can be used as they are, though. You can also get ones that have sides that snap up automatically when a spill occurs. They’re great for putting underneath trucks or equipment.

So the rule is to pick a berm in the right size and the right type for the kind of spill you may need it for. One last important rule — look for high quality.

Not only will a high quality containment berm be more likely to live up to your expectations, but it will also last longer — and be good for many uses.

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