Containment Pallets — Preventing Spills from Causing Trouble

Do you store or handle containers with hazardous liquids? I’m sure you realize how important it is that spills won’t turn into an environmental disaster. Fortunately, containment pallets make that easy and affordable.

They come in various shapes, but they all have one thing in common: they provide an extra layer of protection for your drums or other containers. Just place your drum inside a containment pallet, and when there’s a leak, the pallet will make sure it won’t go any further.

If that sounds too simple, don’t let that bother you. In this case, simple is good. Even better, there are many different types of containment pallets available, so that you can pick one that works especially well for your needs.

Isn’t that a straight-forward principle? And there are so many kinds of berms to choose from — you can get ones that are covered, or stackable, or even portable. And yes, they (actually, we) even have dispensing pallets available for drums that have a dispensing unit.

Here’s some advice for what to choose:

1) Trays or basins:

These are the most economical and they are portable too.

portable spill berm

2) Platform-type Pallets:

These are generally used for drums, and come in sizes to fit anywhere from one drum to eight drums. Moreover, they are modular units so you can add several of them together to accommodate any number of drums.

3) Portable Pallets:

These include the above-mentioned trays or basins. They’re light-weight and easy to move around so you can have them handy wherever you might want to use them.

4)Specialty Type Containment Pallets

These include a variety of special types of containment pallets: Covered Pallets, which are handy for outdoors use and can generally be locked for greater security. Stackable Units that will come in handy especially when floor space is at a premium. And dispensing units that are great for containing potential leaks from a container that is used for dispensing chemicals.

But no matter what — quality is a must. For more information about spill containment pallets you might alwo want to check out my new Squidoo lens about
spill containment berms.

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