Decorative Bollards — Protect Your Property with Style

Maybe you’re trying to protect certain areas of your property and keep them off limits to visitors or intruders? Perhaps you just want to direct traffic. Either way, bollard posts are the answer. But don’t they look kind of ugly?

Well, not all of them! Just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they can’t also look pretty too. In fact, some decorative bollards can be outright decorative and pretty. Check these out:

decorative bollards

Just choose from that category of bollards that’s designed to enhance the appearance of your property. You can get several kinds, from classic to fancy, so they will fit right in, no matter what the style of your property.

In fact, decorative bollards are used in a wide variety of settings. You can find them in resorts, around commercial buildings and even around historical buildings. They’re even used on residential properties. What they’re especially suited for is creating a distinctive-looking boundary along driveways, walks, and even in gardens.

Looking at those bollards, you may think they’re made of cast iron, but in fact, they’re actually made out of high density polyethylene. And they also have been treated with UV inhibitors so that they resist cracking and fading. They’re practically immune to the effects of weather and insects.

Best of all, they’re completely maintenance free — you won’t ever have to paint them.

Of course we offer them too, including in the classic style and in the popular hitching post style. So if you need to keep someone off the grass or away from your building and don’t want to be too obvious about it — try decorative bollards.

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