Diesel Containment — How to Make Diesel Spills Clean-Up Easier

There’s a lot of Diesel in the tank of an average truck. Imagine what could happen if there’s a leak or a spill! Fortunately, there’s an economic approach to http://www.absorbentsonline.com/spill-containment-spill-berms.htm Even better, it also makes clean-up a piece of cake (comparatively speaking anyway).

I’m sure you’re a good boyscout — always be prepared. And since you’re dealing with Diesel, it’s the law as well. But what about cost?

That’s the really good news.

diesel containment

Spill berms are not only highly effective at containing spills and diesel containment — they’re also surprisingly economical.

First of all, one of the most economical ones, the L- bracket berm, doesn’t cost all that much, AND they actually can be reused. Seriously. Just wash them after they’ve finished a deployment and they’ll be good to go again.

Another one, the no-assembly spill berm, just needs to be laid out. You can then place your equipment on top of it, and the sides snaup up whenever there’s a spill.

The emergency spill berm… small, portable, and ready to be deployed. It’s so small you can easily stash it in your car or truck.

Of course the real work then will have to be done by absorbents. And from what we can see, it’s delvering.

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