Drain Seals — Choosing the Right Ones to Protect Drains from Chemical Spills

What if you have a chemical spill that threatens to flow down the drain. You’ll have to act fast to prevent environmental damage.  Fortunately, the right kind of drain seals can help you out.

When you’re in charge of an industrial facility, you need to make sure that dangerous substances don’t get into the ground water.  And the easy way to do it is by having a supply of reliable and sturdy drain seals handy at all times.

drain seals

How do you choose the right ones?  They must be able to form a tight seal, stay in place as long as needed, and be resistant to a wide range of chemicals.  After all, what use would they be if they disintegrated after a while. The chemicals could seep right past them.

So when you’re shopping for drain seals, your number one criterion should be quality, along with durability, which really means resistance to as wide a range of chemicals as possible.  Forget those cheap rubber or plastic seals.  They will disintegrate quickly when they come in contact with solvents and certain other chemicals.

The Drain Cover Seal & Spill Stopper and Blocker II, however, will fit the bill nicely.  It is even reversible.  This can be useful since time is of the essence when you have a spill.  Simply slap it onto the drain. There’s no need to stop and check whether you have placed it with the right side up.

Quality drain seals are generally made out of polyurethane, and they come in various versions, from light weight like the above, or in sturdier and heavier versions.

No matter which kind you get, though, pick ones that are reusable.  It’s good for the environment as well as your budget if you can simply wash your drain seals and store them for future use.

What about the proper fit?  They come in many sizes.  As a basic guideline — just get drain seals that are at least 6″ larger than the drains that you might need to protect.

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