Drum Containment — The Easy Way to Containing Spills Quickly

So you’re storing drums with dangerous substances. What if they leak? Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about it if you contain your drums properly.

If not stored properly, though, those chemicals can be very harmful to you, your employees, anyone entering your business, and even the environment.

To better understand the importance of proper drum containment, we need to keep in mind that contamination of the environment, including that within your business, could result in fines by the EPA and a damaged reputation because of that contamination. And that could ruin your business.

drum containment

With drum containment pallets, however, you can contain spills as soon as they happen. Whether you are storing 2 drums or 4 drums at a time, there is a pallet to handle it. The pallet has a spill containment area so that the spill does not leak out and cause an accident, a health hazard, or any other damage to anything around it.

Looking for the right drum containment pallet? Just make sure it has the following qualities:

1) Durable design and construction

2) The ability to be transported by a pallet jack

3) Easy cleanup

4) Chemical and rust resistance

5) High load capacity

With all of these qualities, you have a drum containment pallet that is going to do its job while also lasting a long time, therefore saving you a lot of money.

And of course, proper drum containment also helps keep you in compliance with the EPA. You are protecting your facility, your employees, everyone who comes in contact with your business, and also the ecosystem. That in itself is worth making sure your spills are contained as soon as they happen.

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