The Drum Funnel – or How to Avoid Spills and Splashes When Pouring Fluids

Don’t you hate those spills that happen when you transfer fluids from one container into another? What if one of them is a 55 gallon drum? What a mess that can be! But it doesn’t have to happen. A single drum funnel can prevent any such mishaps.

And it doesn’t matter whether your drums are open or closed, you can easily find the perfect drum funnel for them. You can even pick some with screens if you like, or with a cover to keep out dirt.

drum funnel with cover

But not all drum funnels are alike. Their functionality depends a great deal on how their walls are designed. The higher the walls, the better they are at preventing splashes.

Of course, if you want to be completely safe, you may want to add an absorbent drum top pad. Just place it on top of the drum before you start pouring liquids, and your drum stays clean.

Things to watch out for when you’re shopping for drum funnels:

1. Should be chemically resistant
2. Protected against rusting
3. Made out of durable polyethylene (which meets both qualities)
4. Meets federal and environmental regulations.

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