The Drum Pallet — Easy Protection for Leaking Drums

Whether you have one drum or dozens — drum pallets can help protect your facility from leaks and spills.

In case you’re not familiar with drum pallets — they are basically pallets that are function kind of like saucers for drums. If the drum leaks, the oil or other chemical won’t just spill onto the floor, but it’s caught in the pallet.

That makes any resulting mess much easier to clean up.

drum pallet

When you shop for a drum pallet, you will need to know how many drums you’ll need to accommodate. There are pallets for individual drums, and there are also modular units for multiple drums.

drum pallet -- modular units

You’ll also want to make sure that you get drum pallets made from high density polyethylene. This is a very durable material. since it’s also resistant to corrosion, it will provide you with great service for a very long time.

Ideally, your new drum pallet should also come with removable poly grates — those help with cleaning if they can be removed. A ramp, which comes with most of them, is a nice extra as well. As an optional add-on, it makes it easier to place the drums and remove them later as needed.

Of course, the pallet you’re considering buying must be EPA compliant as well. If you shop at a quality store, you are pretty much guaranteed that any drum pallets you buy will meet that standard.

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