Drum Safety Cabinets – The Safe Way to Store Hazardous Liquids

Are you storing your flammable liquids safely — and legally? Sure, they come in drums, but you can’t just leave those drums sitting around your shop or lined up along the walls in your facility. That would be far too risky.

And you do know that most fires in industrial settings are caused by improperly stored flammable materials, right? So here’s the solution:

drum safety cabinets

Simply store them in drum safety cabinets! Actually, it’s the law! And those cabinets should be made out of heavy-duty 18 gauge steel, just for starters. They must also comply with OSHA requirements as well as with NFPA Code 30.

There are a few other safety rules… in addition to having double walls and doors, the cabinets must have clear labeling in red letters that states “Flammable — keep fire away.” The letters must also be on a contrasting background so that they will be easy to see and read. The cabinets themselves should be leak-proof for at least the bottom 2 inches, so that any fluid that might escape from the drums inside won’t be spilling from the cabinet. After all, that would defeat the purpose.

Of course, as long as you purchase your drum safety cabinets from high quality manufacturers or suppliers, you can be sure they have been carefully constructed to meet all the safety standards required by OSHA as well as Uniform Fire Code regulations.

You can get the drum safety cabinets in vertical or horizontal versions to suit your needs. They also come wither with manual doors or doors that close automatically. Look for drum roller conveyers too. They make for easier handling. And they also offer cabinet ramps to get those drums into and out of the cabinets safely.

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