Drum Spill Pallet Solutions

Many chemicals are stored in drums, especially those you may need to keep around in significant quantities. That may be convenient and maybe even cost effective as drums can be mass produced easily. Yet drums can leak and spill, and that can put a facility and its employees at risk. To help prevent problems, the right kind of drum spill pallet is essential.

What Is A Drum Spill Pallet?

A drum spill pallet is a containers that is placed underneath drums in order to catch whatever overflow or leakage might occur. These pallets tend to have a good deal of capacity and are made out of materials that are not affected by the kinds of chemicals that are typically contained in drums.

And that’s important, because many of those chemicals can be harmful to people as well as the environment, and often to the equipment and the facility as well. So it’s important to prevent any potential spills as much as possible – and the right kind of drum spill pallet can go a long way towards containing any leaks and such before they turn into a full-fledged spill and cause real damage.

So how do drum spill pallets work? Actually, they work much like saucers. Saucers keep your spilled coffee from requiring major clean-up operations. And pallets prevent whatever chemical contained in them from spilling beyond that small area of containment that the pallets provide.

That way, the oil can be easily cleaned up with the appropriate absorbents.

drum spill pallet


Where Should You Use a Drum Spill Pallet?

Where should you use a drum spill pallet? You should use them anywhere you have drums that contain potentially problematic or hazardous liquids, specifically oil-based ones. So anyplace where you have drums, you should place each of them on a drum spill pallet.

Of course you will need to use the right drum spill pallet for your situation. Here are some of the options:

Which Drum Spill Pallet Is Right For You?

For example, if you have a lot of drums that you want to line up against the wall, you may want to choose an Inline Drum Spill Pallet. They are terrific space savers since they stick out just 26 to 30 inches from the wall, which leaves lots of open floor space. They tend to have a low profile, which makes it easy to load and upload drums safely, especially if you get one of the optional ramps and use it.

If you plan to dispense from your drums, you might want to get some drum top pads too – or choose dispensing pallets. Either of those solutions will help minimize problems.

You can also get a drum spill pallet in a platform format or in the form of modular units that can be assembled into larger work surfaces.

In addition, you may want a drum spill pallet for outdoors use – and in that case, it would be important to protect your drums from the environment. Fortunately, you can get covered pallets that are made for outdoors use – not only will they keep your drums safe from inclement weather, but also from unauthorized access and theft, since covered pallets can usually be locked.

So you’ll find there’s as drum spill pallet perfect for your specific needs. And if you need help to decide which one is right for you, just visit or consult a quality vendor, and they’ll be happy to help you.

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