Drum Storage Cabinets — Store Your Drums Safely

Drums seem sturdy enough. But that appearance is deceptive… They can leak and even spill. Since they usually contain dangerous liquids, such as oil, fuel, and other chemicals, a spill can cause a lot of problems. Read on to discover how drum storage cabinets can help.

You may wish you could stop your drums from leaking. If you buy high quality drums, you can indeed reduce leaks and spills, but you can never completely eliminate that possibility.

Here’s the solution: “double-bag” your drums! Simply create an extra layer of insulation between your drums and the environment.

There are several options: pallets are very easy — you simply place your drums on those pallets and if they leak, the pallets are going to catch it.

drum storage cabinets

But if you want to be extra safe, you should choose drum storage cabinets instead. After all, drum storage cabinets are designed to do several things at once:

They will keep leaks and spills contained. But beyond that, they will also keep your drums safe from theft… and also from fire.

Imagine what would happen if there were a fire at your facility and it reached those drums… you’d get an explosion. You probably have heard that most industrial fires are caused by the improper storage of flammable materials. And here’s the bad news: the vast majority of liquids likely to be in your drums are highly flammable.

That’s why there are OSHA and UFC guidelines for the way drums must be protected. The good news: your drum storage cabinet will ensure you’re always in compliance — just as long as you store your drums inside those cabinets and keep the cabinet locked.

Just be sure you get high quality drum storage cabinets. Look for quality construction (usually 18 gauge steel) and double walls and doors. As long as you get them from a reputable supplier, and they meet OSHA and UFC standards, you can be assured they will do the job of protecting your drums — and your facility.

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