Drum Top Pads – Helping You Dispense Safely From Barrels and Drums

How can you dispense safely from drums and barrels? There are usually leaks and spills — unless you find a way to protect yourself. And drum top pads can solve that problem.

So what do you do in general to prevent spills? Spill pallets are a great choice — they will prevent that the surface are of the drum so any leaks of the drums themselves won’t mar the floor or cause environmental problems.

But that only covers the drum itself. But what about the top of the drums? They can get unsightly as well as unsafe as liquids puddle on their surface.

And it’s an easy enough problem to solve. All you really need is a set of drum top pads.

You simply place them on top of the drum, and they will absorb any liquid, leaving the surface itself nice and clean.

And not only do drum top pads keep your barrels and drums clean, but they also protect the surrounding areas. That’s because if the liquids on the top should start puddling and spilling over, they may cause more contamination.

drum top pads

What type of drum top pads should you get?

Definitely look for quality, and also look for the color coding

Oil only

The blue pads, labelled Oil Only, absorb only oil and other hydrocarbons but will repel water.


The grey pads, i.e., the universal absorbent drum top pads, absorb not only oil but also water-based fluids.

So you see that there are drum top pads for any situation. And you might want to get some extras to have them handy whenever you might need them.

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