EPA Releases Lean and Environment Toolkit

The EPA has released a Lean and Environment Toolkit. This easy to follow kit offers practical techniques and strategies that can help lean, environmental, and other specialists at the shopfloor deliver environmentally protective decisions as a routine task. It draws heavily from the experience of the EPA’s partners and organizations who have pioneered integrated approaches to lean and environmental decision. For example, the toolkit shows how to leverage material flows and inventory control templates commonly used by practitioners as tools that can also identify environmental end points and align both organizational environmental goals and lean business objectives. EPA’s partners will be field testing and deploying the toolkit in 2006. Get your free toolkit at http://www.epa.gov/lean/toolkit/index.htm

This toolkit is written for operational managers, environmental managers, and practitioners who work to organize efforts to identify and stop environmental waste.  As a result, the toolkit may help make your environmental management system’s objectives as well as goals become a routine task of your business.

The focuse of the toolkit is on how to identify and pursue environmental end points in your processes through Kaizen Events, 6S (5S + Safety); and Value Stream Mapping. This toolkit is a living document whose future versions may be of great value. The EPA welcomes your comments and suggestions, as well as other ideas you have for Lean and environment strategies, tools, and resources which can be incorporated in later versions of the toolkit. Please contact EPA to share your experiences with Lean and the environment and/or to discuss partnership opportunities by using the form found at http://www.epa.gov/lean/auxfiles/contact.htm.

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