Fatigue Matting — A Great Investment in Improved Productivity

Would you like to increase your employees productivity? There’s a surprisingly easy way to do just that: Install fatigue matting in your facility. How come this will help?

Most people’s performance will go down when they’re tired. And standing for a long time on a hard concrete floor is one sure way to tire anyone out.

And not only that –it causes aches, pains, and potentially more serious health problems, including reduced circulation and spinal compression.

fatigue matting


Other contributing factors are vibration, and floors that are particularly hot or cold. Fatigue matting will make your employees a lot more comfortable by insulating them from hard and otherwise uncomfortable floors. And being comfortable raises morale.

And employees with improved morale and more energy are a lot more productive.

So what does it take to install fatigue matting? It’s not nearly as expensive as you think, and it will pay for itself within a very short time.

Best of all, in spite of its powerful cushioning ability, fatigue matting is surprisingly light in weight and easy to install.

And there are additional benefits: High quality fatigue matting will also prevent slipping, so it will prevent slip and fall accidents in addition to injuries suffered from prolonged standing on hard surfaces. This means you’ll avoid costly liability issues as well.

When shopping for your fatigue mats, be sure to look for the National Floor Safety Reports seal of approval. The best mats have earned a non-slip rating that’s 40% higher than that of lower quality mats, and it will make a big difference when it comes to keeping your facility safe.

Finally, where can you use fatigue mats? Basically, anyplace where people have to stand for long periods of time as they do their work. That’s not only in industrial facilities but also places such as kitchens, retail establishments, and more.

Just look around and you’ll be able to tell quickly if fatigue matting can improve your employees’ morale. If you’re not sure, why don’t you ask them.

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